Sinner Circle

The Sinner Circle assumes that four parameters mainly determine the success of cleaning. These four basic parameters of any cleaning are:

  1. chemistry (cleaning agent, product and its concentration)
  2. mechanics (removing dirt, making contact with the cleaning agent)
  3. temperature
  4. time

All four factors are interdependent, but their size can be changed. They account for the success of a cleaning or disinfection process, must be in exact proportion to each other and always result in the same total.

In Sinner's Circle, these factors are represented in the form of a circle diagram, which shows how the individual factors can be compensated for by the others. The functional principle is used when, for gentle cleaning, for example, weaker chemicals act longer on the objects to be cleaned in order to achieve an equivalent result. The optimal setting of the factors to the method most favorable for the application guarantees both cleaning success and economy.

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