Your reliable partner for cleaning products.

We by REZI concentrate on what we have been able to do for decades and continue to develop: we produce and trade cleaning cloths and mops made of microfibres and natural fibres, cleaning products made of copper, stainless steel and steel as well as cleaning sponges.
Our decades of experience, our extensive know-how and our ongoing research and development make us a competent partner for effective and innovative cleaning products.
Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, we have been able to prove our reliability as an ideal partner for cleaning products by being able to deliver our entire product portfolio at any time and fulfilling every order on time. 


High-quality microfibre products remove both watery and grease or oil-based dirt in one operation. You can refrain from using cleaning chemicals or reduce them significantly.


Cleaning products made of copper are ideal for the gentle and scratch-free scrubbing of pots, pans, sinks, ceramic hobs, enamel, glass, dishes, stainless steel, etc., without using chemical additives.


Copper+ by Rezi. Removes and inactivates dirt and more than 99.9% of tested viruses and bacteria with a simple wipe.
Inexpensive cleaning and hygiene with one wipe without disinfecting chemicals - taking care of humans and the environment.

Thanks to our own production, our attractive product portfolio and our outstanding servcie, we are the right partner for effective cleaning products.

Patrick Bertsch, GF

Your specialist for cleaning products

The success story of Rezi Microfaserprodukte GmbH began in 1947 with the production of steel wool for the cleaning industry. Until the end of the 1980s, Rezi was the market leader in Austria for cleaning products made of steel wool and copper and exported these products to numerous European countries. In the early 90s, Rezi pioneered the production of cleaning textiles made of microfibres and introduced microfibre cloths to the European markets. From the beginning, our actions have been characterised by sustainability, innovative solutions and long-term partnerships. The cleaning market has changed fundamentally in the meantime and we have played a major role in shaping this development over all these years.

Today we manufacture copper products, cleaning cloths, cleaning mops and cleaning sponges in a wide variety of designs by the Lake Constance in Lustenau / Austria. With these innovative and high quality products "Made in Austria" we serve the professional and premium sector.
Thanks to long-standing business partnerships with various producers, we can also quickly and flexibly offer economically attractive cleaning products in the basic area.

Our customers also have access to an extensive product portfolio in our eco line.
Our product portfolio is rounded off by individual solutions in the area of ​​private label production, which we implement for global corporations as well as for local wholesalers.
All of this makes us the right partner in the field of innovative and sustainable cleaning.
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