Cleaning Cloth Wave Cut Profi

Functional cloth with terrycloth-like, dimensionally stable loop structure, high volume and a special, protected ultrasonic cut. 

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Functional cloth with dimensionally stable loop structure (terry-like), high volume and without edging. Thanks to a process developed and protected by REZI for ultrasonic cutting, the cut is noticeably more stable, fraying is prevented and the duration of use is significantly increased. Without a border, significantly better cleaning and polishing results are achieved, as the entire cloth consists of an even plane. This cloth is therefore ideal for all scratch and streak-sensitive areas, such as healthcare or car cleaning.

Product number(s)

621031 - green
621032 - yellow
621033 - red
621034 - blue

Product details


approx. 32 x 32 cm


approx. 300 g/m2


Terry structure


knitted, shape retaining




200 pcs./carton
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